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Laraine Expressions by drazarg
Laraine Expressions
So yeah. As I said I would be practicing with digital art some more and this was the result of the latest practice session. It was mainly practice to see if I could still draw at least part of a body as well as both shading practice and definitely expression practice (something I've wanted to do with a character for so long now :3 ). I feel like it went really well but also feel I may have drawn them a bit small. Not sure. At least they all fit XD. I started to run out of expressions when I got to six but I managed! I also learned a new and easier way to draw eyes and I honestly like it :).

Fun fact: I was very tempted to draw Tamara somewhere basking in all the feeshes but scrapped the idea due to wanting more expressions. Sorry, Franken! ^^;

Character and art :icondrazarg:

Apparently I get rupees and exp from this (Hurray for practice being useful for something!) so all points to Laraine.

( Abby, if you see this, expect an Elgar expression chart next XD)
Damnit, deviant art! You just fixed notes for safari and now I can't read notes or access my profile. Wtf is going on this month?! >.<
Happy Laraine by drazarg
Happy Laraine
Holy mother effing son of a turkey I did something digitally. So I finally shoved my laziness into the closet and downloaded the stuff necessary to use my tablet and after that I installed SAI. At first I thought I'd practice by tracing my recent drawing; couldn't figure out how to get why the tablet wouldn't mark over it. So i made a new canvas and drew this for practice. It's just a practice doodle but I thought I'd upload it to show you peeps I can do the digital (still learning though)

Character :icondrazarg:

If I somehow get rupees and/or exp for this poo (do I get half a rupee/exp? XD) then give it to Laraine. ^^;
FoH: Never Seen A Pretty Girl's Face? by drazarg
FoH: Never Seen A Pretty Girl's Face?
Holy crap, this took way longer to work on than it should have. This is why I never start a drawing off in the summer. I NEVER finish it... Until I have spare time in class. Not only that but I can be really lazy with scanning shiz so I did it today because I had the time.

So this is a sort of scene in mine and :iconsora-kingdom3:'s rp where Sora sees Laraine without her mask. Now, she never leaned on him like this but drawing them talking is no fun so I took Laraine's teasing nature and made her lean on him. 

The background is evil and my scanner made the colors brighter than they are so some colors are nonexistent but I have no programs to fix that so we're left with this mess. At least it's a good mess ^_^

Also, fun fact; I actually screwed up Sora's eyes and had to color them entirely black before adding the green irises through another program. I think they turned out well.

Uhhh.... So I have no idea how this rupee and exp system works, I've read the page on it and looked at examples so I'll take my best guess at this since it is just regular art.

split exp with Laraine and Sora, rupees to Laraine ( is that right? I don't know ;-; )

Laraine and art belongs to me

Sora belongs to :iconsora-kingdom3:

Concept belongs to the group the drawing is associated with.
Replies on roleplays are going to be very slow for the remainder of the week. Freshman year of college and it's busy >.<
Just.... My brain... The feels... Want to replay but too tired... and sad (ending I got was neutral... I assume. But it was sad regardless). I'm not sure what else to say.
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Lee Razor
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I'am a writer and an artist as well and in my opinion, i'm a good artist and i look forward to hearing what you think about the things i write and draw.

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That being said, I understand how tough how freshman year of college can be. If you don't have the time to reply, I understand, so take your time.
drazarg Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Yes, I have gotten your reply and I have not lost it (surprisingly). I just haven't replied yet because the first weeks of college are hectic and keeping me very busy. So rest assured, I have your note I just haven't been able to reply to it yet. But if I can get a long enough oppurtunity, I will try to reply to you! :D
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I have a Skype but I do not use it to Roleplay anymore due to the fact I rarely get on. I'm on DA way more often than Skype.
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