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FOH: Laraine's Plot Chart by drazarg
FOH: Laraine's Plot Chart
Let me be frank with ya, the plot ideas took longer than the meme/chart. I tried drawing Laraine's face up there but didn't like the end product so I just took one from her expression's drawing. I've seen others cheatsy-doodle so don't judge me!

1. On The Run
- Laraine has stolen something that is worth more than she bargained for and is on the run from a wealthy human who wants it back. All her hideouts have been compromised and she is running out of options. Will you help her escape, or make her return what she has stolen?

2. A Night of Fun
- Laraine is attending an open party in a local manor and is allowed to bring guests with her. However, Laraine has other ideas in mind. The man hosting the party has a rare gem hidden away that Laraine wants for herself. However there is one problem, black tie only. (This is a sort of a ball/dance scenario and those involved have to wear something nice, Laraine included (odds are she'll wear the dancer outfit I recently posted) )

3. A Change of Pace
- Someone has stolen from Laraine's personal vault and she is hunting them down with a vengeance. She has begun to think irrationally and wants nothing more then to hunt the person who stole from her.

4. Falling Odds
- Laraine has done it again. She has stolen something she was not supposed to and now finds herself knee deep in mercenary and monster mercenaries. She is on the brink of capture and has little chance of escape. Will you help her or will you let her fall to capture? (*cough*again*coughcough*)

5. Seek and Destroy?
- Laraine has found an old acquaintance from her past and seeks to get revenge on them for what they did to Laraine long ago. Though despite her determination for revenge, she doesn't seem to sure of her desire for revenge. Will you help her get her revenge or will you try to talk her out of it?
FOH Meme: Laraine The Dancer
Holy crap this took too long to make. I blame college and my laziness. This consisted of a lot of off and on drawing throughout heaven knows when I started this and now it is done. 

So this is a bit of fan-service for Laraine in the best belly dancer outfit I could draw up. Even with references XD. I'm tempted to make this an actual outfit of hers for certain roleplays (i'm thinking special occasions). Funny thing is this isn't the orignal drawing. The orignal is on a piece of sketchbook paper, fully inked and colored, but when i started editing it in SAI, I decided, "imma trace and color it so it looks better" because I felt like working more XD. So before I go on any longer, enjoy Laraine in all her sexiness awesomeness.

All points to Laraine please! I'm sorry about not paricipating in this gift craze but drawing is hard ;-;

INSTANT EDIT: Came to regret the title. Changed

EDIT: Made her look more flirty and added lines to show movement as well as a few other small edits here and there. Excuse me if the movement lines are crap, I'm not used to using them >.<
Laraine Expressions by drazarg
Laraine Expressions
So yeah. As I said I would be practicing with digital art some more and this was the result of the latest practice session. It was mainly practice to see if I could still draw at least part of a body as well as both shading practice and definitely expression practice (something I've wanted to do with a character for so long now :3 ). I feel like it went really well but also feel I may have drawn them a bit small. Not sure. At least they all fit XD. I started to run out of expressions when I got to six but I managed! I also learned a new and easier way to draw eyes and I honestly like it :).

Fun fact: I was very tempted to draw Tamara somewhere basking in all the feeshes but scrapped the idea due to wanting more expressions. Sorry, Franken! ^^;

Character and art :icondrazarg:

Apparently I get rupees and exp from this (Hurray for practice being useful for something!) so all points to Laraine.

( Abby, if you see this, expect an Elgar expression chart next XD)
Damnit, deviant art! You just fixed notes for safari and now I can't read notes or access my profile. Wtf is going on this month?! >.<
Happy Laraine by drazarg
Happy Laraine
Holy mother effing son of a turkey I did something digitally. So I finally shoved my laziness into the closet and downloaded the stuff necessary to use my tablet and after that I installed SAI. At first I thought I'd practice by tracing my recent drawing; couldn't figure out how to get why the tablet wouldn't mark over it. So i made a new canvas and drew this for practice. It's just a practice doodle but I thought I'd upload it to show you peeps I can do the digital (still learning though)

Character :icondrazarg:

If I somehow get rupees and/or exp for this poo (do I get half a rupee/exp? XD) then give it to Laraine. ^^;
Just.... My brain... The feels... Want to replay but too tired... and sad (ending I got was neutral... I assume. But it was sad regardless). I'm not sure what else to say.
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