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.:Skyrim Rp Starters:.
.:Skyrim RP Starters:.
Please read my details before replying to one, these can either be short or very long depending on if I like where the rp is going. All characters mentioned in the starter you have a chance of meeting even if you don't pick their start, and feel free to control multiple characters as I know I will be <3 None of my characters will be dragonborn unless you don't feel like playing the chosen one XD I also only rp through notes or skype <3 (there is a start where you can partner up with a character from every playable race, and as either gender from the game :3 also my characters can die so just a fair warning if the wrong choice is made >3>)
1. .:Stuck In Riften:.
How you got here and the circumstances that led you here don't really matter anymore, not with your head on the chopping block down in the wet, smelly underside of Riftens sewers. You were a two-bit thief barely stealing enough to eat once a day, the guild mostly left you alone but this time you real
:iconmaidenofthemacabre:MaidenOfTheMacabre 7 16
FoH Log- Hot Springs (Tamara/Sora/Laraine/Cocoa)
Oh boy was she excited! There was a moment to rest in between adventures and working on rebuilding her shack and what better way to have a moment of rest than soaking in water! And with a bunch of good friends too, she assumed, no way people are going to pass an opportunoity to visit the hot springs. "Well this looks plesant, much more well organized than i expected i must say!" She said with a smile on her face as she passed the entrance. "I think its going to be quite fun and relaxing dont you thinkg Sora?" She turned to her Zora companiion.
Someone could see stars in Sora's eyes right now. She never went into a hot spring before, and was excited since the day they decided to go into one, and don't even try to hide it! The though of being able to spend a whole day to rest alongside her trusted friends was just great, and she certainly wish to enjoy it as much as possible.
"Oh yeah Tama! It's gonna be much! And I hope it's organized, I feel like there are
:iconfranken-fish:Franken-Fish 4 0
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Battle for Termina Concept

The ground shook with the steps of a thousand men all marching to one location. Clock Town. Panic ruled the air as the guards of Clock Town struggled to evacuate everyone westward toward the Great Bay villages while the remaining guard ran to the battlements to ready their meager defenses. But along with the air of panic was an air of sorrow, for the defenders of Clock Town knew they had already lost. Never had they anticipated an invasion, never have they anticipated such an attack and yet now they were expected to stand their ground against odds far larger than theirs?

Laraine ran through the streets, pushing and shoving her way through the evacuating crowds as she desperately tried to make her way to the battlements. Behind her, Sora, a Zora and close friend to Laraine, followed closely with her lance held tightly to her chest and her shield strapped to her back. Neither of them were prepared for what was to come but they’d do their best to fight it. Waiting at the ladder up to the battlements was Tamara, ushering the guard of Clock Town up the ladders to their defenses, giving them courage where they had none. Laraine could respect that of the pirate. She looked up seeing them and rushed over to them, her look not at all comforting. She and Sora exchanged a look, her eyes begging the Zora not to join but they both knew it wa unavoidable.

With a heavy sigh, Tamara beckoned for them to follow as the three climbed the ladder up to the battlements and rushed to the center of the wall facing westward. Waiting there, or rather floating there, was the Poe Laraine knew as Ame. The Poe looked over at them as they ran across the battlements, soldiers running back and forth between them, and the group could see the forlorn look in Ame’s face. They had all seen battle before, it was never unfamiliar to them, but never had any of them seen war on this grand of a scale. They were a resistance force, hitting the enemy where they could when they could. They were not prepared for a full on invasion like this.

Looking across the fields of Termina, battalions of monsters could be seen marching on the city. Moblins, Lizalfos, Stalfos, and other undead that came from Ikana Valley, all bearing the flag of Kravok’s army. The catapults they wheeled in were primed and ready to fire with bokoblins nearby to arm them when ready. Laraine looked to her right to see Ame now wielding her Scythe, silently gazing across the field while keeping her allies in view. Following her lead, Laraine drew her sword and dagger, getting a worried look from Sora who only clutched her Coral Lance tighter. Tamara gave a nod of acknowledgement to her friends as she clutched the hilt of her scimitar and slowly drew it out as she reached for her other scimitar as well. This was the day they made their stand. Win or lose, they would show Kravok they were not to be messed with, and the Resistance would live on.


Okay so this is a bit of VERY rough concept art that I had in mind while I was mowing yesterday. 

This is what I would think would happen if FOH took a more war like approach to things and made things more global and serious. Now do I think they should go this route? No, I love the way the group is going now and I would not like to see it go any other way unless the mods are okay with it. This is probably how it would look if I were a mod in the group though.... So don't make me a mod, Admins of FOH XD. 

I wanted to include more characters in this but being limited to a small thing of sketch paper and since Laraine doesn't know many people yet I was limited to her three closest friends. I tried to avoid using dialogue in the little excerpt above because 1; I do not feel I understand everyone's characters well enough to write as them, and 2; because I feel dialogue would have ruined the impact of the piece since (as far as I can tell) there has never been a full on invasion anywhere in FOH (AS FAR AS I CAN TELL!  I haven't been around for that long so I don't know ^^; ) so I imagine when one did happen it would be unexpected and seem like a hopeless fight. Hopefully I depicted that well.

Any points I get for this, send it to Laraine (since Averill has yet to be accepted >.<).

Copyrights and tags!

Sketch and Laraine belong to me :icondrazarg:

Sora belongs to :iconsora-kingdom3:

Ame belongs to :iconguardian-samurai:

Tamara belongs to :iconfranken-fish:

Concept belongs to :iconfallofhyrule:

Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo</span></p></span>
FOH- Knight Averill Di'Valo

Name: Averill Di’valo

Age: 37

Date of Birth: September 1

Height: 6’10

Weight: (Out of Armor) 200 Ibs (In Armor) 300 Ibs


Race: Aeraflos

Class/Occupation: Knight

Race Skill(s):

Class Skill(s):

Alliance: Power

Likes: Averill likes honor among most things, preferring a fair fight compared to that of a cheap one. He likes big swords and armor, having a fascination over them among other weapons, and he especially enjoys flying.

Dislikes: He does not like those who fight unfair fights, even when the fight is in his favor. He despises those who cannot defend themselves as he believes there is no excuse for someone being unable to defend themselves and he especially dislikes other Lizalfos, seeing them as traitors to him and his kind.


+ Honorable: will not fight unfairly or do anything that goes beyond his sense of honor.

+Determined: Averill will fight no matter what is happening. Whether he is injured or if all the odds are against him, he will fight.

+Smart: Despite his race, Averill is a clever lizard being able to plot out strategies and battle plans when faced against various foes.

-Stubborn: Averill is very stubborn in his beliefs and what his clan has taught him and as a result he will not deviate from what he has learned.

-Prideful: Averill takes a lot of pride in his work and when his pride is offended he can get somewhat hostile. His pride is also what keeps him listening to his clan.

-Silent: Averill would rather keep to himself than socialize. This is influenced not only by his inability to speak to primals but also of his distrust of most people in general.

Bio: Averill was born to a small tribe of Nomadic Aeraflos who traveled from place to place to ensure they were not hunted. However once Averill reached the age of five, his family abandoned him due to food shortages amongst the tribe. He was left in a cave far from the tribe and the person who led him there left him by flight to ensure he, an Aeraflos who had yet to grow full wings, could not follow. For a month, Averill tried vainfully to survive on his own and only barely survived this month on his own when a tribe of Dinolfos find him. Seeing an opportunity to get an edge over their other rival tribes, they took him in and raised him to be a warrior like them. They trained him up until the age of 17, where he was to take a rite of passage to become a full adult in the eyes of the Dinolfos. In order to do this, he had to engage an adult trained Dinolfos in combat and kill him. Undertrained and outclassed, Averill used his wings to his advanatge, not using them to fly but rather flap them hard enough so he could quickly dodge the slower Dinolfos’s attacks.

This strategy proved successful and he incapacitated the Dinolflos with a strike to the leg before stabbing through his arm pit, ending him before he could plead for his life. After this show of combat, the other Dinolfos feared that Averill would grow to outclass them with his speed and as a result, made armor for him that would weigh him down when he was old enough to use it. Upon reaching that age- of 27- they gave him this armor and sent him out on a supposed suicide mission in an attempt to kill a rival Lizalfos faction and hopefully the young Aeraflos as well. This proved to be a failure as Averill slaughtered the tribe, having learned to fly in before his armor was given and the armor only tired him out faster rather than weigh him down. Upon his return, the elders of his tribe were shocked and in a final effort to get rid of him, tried to fight him to the death. Averill was able to kill two of the elders before him but the remaining elders of the tribe were able to defeat the young Aeraflos and he was forced to leave the tribe before they could finish him.

Afterwards, Averill chose to wander Hyrule. Having no place to call his home until stumbling upon a meadow where he could be alone. He he made a little setup in the trees and made a place he would live. Here he taught himself to fly effectively and it is also where his private thoughts would fester, giving him a grim outlook on the world as most of his life had been kill or be killed with very few people he could trust. But he did have one goal on his mind; one day he would go back to the tribe that raised him and he would either destroy them or take control of them. A goal he harbors inside of him to this day, but waits until he is certain that he is ready to take them on once more. A day he eagerly awaits.

Other information:

-Averill has little knowledge of the Resistance and Kravok, his world being rather small and isolated from them.

-His shield is inspired by the Dark Souls Kiteshields, hence why he is holding it sideways.

-Armor was made by his former  tribe with the emblem of his clan being painted on his chest and on his shield.

-Due to his isolation, he has little knowledge of the events beyond the forests of Hyrule. He is aware of places such as Hyrule castle and Hyrule field but beyond that his knowledge is extremely limited.

-He is a highly skilled fighter both on the land and sky, however due to his armor, his flying moments can be quite short as he can get fatigued by it. Regardless, he is a skilled fighter in the air.

-He has clothes he wears in his spare time but prefers to wear his armor so his muscles can develop to the point where his flight is not restricted.

-Despite all he dislikes, he takes enjoyment in the peace and time he has to himself.

Relationships: None yet.

Rp method: DeviantArt Notes and Discord


(Technically Averill cannot speak but he is fluent in speaking to other ferals and Aeraflos)

“[You trespass on the land of an Aeraflos. Turn back now or i will cut you down where you stand.]”

“[I do not know you, therefore have no business with you. Now get out of my way before I run my sword through you.]”

“[You wish to tag along? Fine. But get in my way and the monsters won’t be all you’ll have to worry about.]”

“[You fear the Lizalfos? They are just a bunch of overgrown lizards. Your fear should be in the ones who can fly.]”

“[Kneel and suffer, fiend. For you have made the gravest error you will ever make; making me mad!]”


EDIT: His ref has been completely changed with a few things from the original left behind. He has gone from a cute, loveable bean who supported the wrong side, to an intimidating knight who will murder you if you even look at him wrong... Is it bad that I enjoyed making his evil ref more than his nice guy ref? Or is it worse his troubled backstory is LONGER than the original? I'll let you all decide XD. 

Okay first time I posted this the image was pushed to the corner and displaced. Should be fixed now. 

Anyway, this is my new character that I made for the character slots given to us by the mods of :iconfallofhyrule: (Again, thank you so much for giving us the chance for more lovelies :3 ). This is one of my more favorite Gimp drawings of mine and has little things I am disappointed with but it was very painful to work on but worth it in the end!


Drawing and Character, Averill, belongs to me :icondrazarg:

Concept belongs to :iconfallofhyrule:... So does the background application.

Aeraflos belong to Nintendo

So not only am I working so much and barely have free time, MY TV JUST BROKE! So now I can't even relieve stress with video games because my tv decided to stab me in the a**!

So now I'm probably going to have to buy a new tv (didn't wanna pay for college anyway) and bend over backwards for that one.

So yeah. Life's fuuuuuuuuun -_-.
So as the journal says I'm most likely going on an rp hiatus. Don't worry, it won't be a long one (I hope) but recently work has gone into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and I am barely getting time for myself and time for my game friends so I'm putting all my rp's on either pause or "I'll reply when I have the time" because right now, I don't have time at all.

So for all who rp and watch me, this is why I haven't replied in the last week. So I hope you all can be patient with me and I look forward to doing with you again. :icondragonhi:
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[FOH Training] Bad Feesh, No Stealing
So anyone who wondered what Laraine was doing in her spare time instead of helping with the latest quest, this is what she was doing. Stealing and bagging from people too ignorant to tie their rupee purses EXTREMELY tightly. You never know what thief may be running around, looking for a nice and full rupee purse.

So this started off as a normal drawing that was drawn, inked, and colored traditionally but when i scanned it, the colors were so faded you couldn't see them. So I thought this would be a good time to learn how to use GIMP... AND IT WAS! I love how this came out! I tried my best to shade it but even when I had SAI I was still learning so this was the best I could pull off ^^;. So here is an actually colored drawing of Laraine with a decent background!

points to Laraine plz

Time taken: April 19-24 (with breaks... Many breaks)


Character belongs to me, :icondrazarg:

Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo

Concept belongs to :iconfallofhyrule:
So as the journal says I'm most likely going on an rp hiatus. Don't worry, it won't be a long one (I hope) but recently work has gone into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and I am barely getting time for myself and time for my game friends so I'm putting all my rp's on either pause or "I'll reply when I have the time" because right now, I don't have time at all.

So for all who rp and watch me, this is why I haven't replied in the last week. So I hope you all can be patient with me and I look forward to doing with you again. :icondragonhi:
  • Listening to: Undertale songs
  • Reading: Talon
  • Watching: RvB season 15
  • Playing: Dark Souls III
  • Eating: Micorwavables
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I'am a writer and an artist as well and in my opinion, i'm a good artist and i look forward to hearing what you think about the things i write and draw.



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